Avoiding Adulting Quick Dry Towel


Fun Beach Towels

Cute catchphrases make our quick dry beach towels fun for the entire summer season! Grab your bikini and this “Avoiding Adulting” towel and get your tan on at the nearest beach, lake, river, or pool. Unlike traditional beach towels that need to be heavy and bulky to absorb lots of water, these quick-dry towels get the job done with a lightweight, microfiber material that dries fast. Each of these fun beach towels measures a large 63” x 31” for extra coverage when you're laying out for a tan, but you can easily roll it into a compact size and stash it in the matching carry bag. Save space in your beach tote, or use the carry bag to pack your other beachside accessories.

Sand-Free Material

Ordinary beach towels get extra heavy when wet and sand just clings to it for the rest of your day trip. Our fun quick dry beach towels are considered sand-free, which means you can easily shake away the beach sand for a grit-free drying experience. Plus, no one likes getting sand in their beach tote when it’s time to pack up and go home. These quick-dry beach towels are a trendy and functional item that’s perfect to take to any swimming hole. Get one for yourself and give one as a gift to your road trip buddies this summer vacation!

Wash Instructions

Wash your microfiber quick dry towel in the washing machine with detergent only in cold or warm water, not hot. Tumble dry on low heat or no heat.

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